Introduction and Goals

This is a decentralized Chat Proyect based on Solid on which no central sever is required to run or set up a conversation and all the personal data is stored in your POD.

Requirements Overview

  • Chat between at least two different users.

  • Use of a distributed computing system.

  • Good performace sending and receiving information.

  • Manage your own data.

  • Multi-platform.

Quality Goals

Goal Scenarios


As a user you should be able to have a full control of your data in every moment in order to know who can or cannot access to it.


The app should be intuitive, it should be designed for any kind of user providing them a friendly interface to interact with.


The app should always work if it has Internet connection and the Solid server is available.


Role/Name Description Expectations

SOLID Developers

They will provide the heaviest of the contributions by setting the rules for using the SOLID technology.

They will mark some constrains on our project, but will also look forward to having this project working. They are our main baseline to gather information and ask for hints with regards to our project.

Developers (us)

As the main workforce with regards to developing our project we must understand the project and all their components.

We will work to make the best out of this project.

Teaching Staff

They will mark our project and the way we have presented the architecture of the project.

They will need to be able to understand our project functioning and architecture. They will be expecting a fully functional prokect that will make the university proud of their students.

Follow-up Teams

Coders and/or developers who will work with this same project in the future as a maintenence team or will use it as a base for their own one.

They will expect a understandable architecture that is flexible to change and is easy to fix. Also they will need a detailed documentation of what this project does and does not do

End users

The people who will end up using this functionalities on their daily basis. The project should be built so that everyone can have a basic knowledge of this project and how it does work

They will look for an intuitive and easy to use application that does not focus on bombarding the users with new and complex information


All organization that uses user’s data without their consent.

New laws should be passed so that user’s PODs will not be eligible to be seized by a organization without the explicit consent of the owner of the POD. This group will lay the legislation that this project will need to oblige to.

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