Start chatting

Do you want to the chat in your browser? It's very simple, just log in with your solid account (If you don't have a POD yet, create one at Solid). Once this is done click on start chatting, select any friend who uses SOLID and that's it, you will be able to chat through the application. If you prefer, you will have the option to create a group with several of your friends and chat with all of them at once. Enjoy the conversation! Wink

How it works

Solid Chat is a decentralized Chat, build on top of Solid. No central sever is required to run or set up a chat. All personal data about the chat is stored on your POD. Updates of a chat are sent to the inbox. Your partner will have permission to read the messages pertaining to your conversation.

The source of this app can be found on Github. If you find a bug do not hesitate to create an issue in our project